FIFA 2010 World Cup with the first French TV channel TF1

Given the location of this advertising campaign, essentially intended to be seen from the fast track of the Paris inner ring road, I wanted a wordless, and instantly impressive campaign.

No text, to avoid ruining the visual effect, and because you know, I'm not really into soccer but how to ignore this upcoming event when everybody's talking about it all around ?

But then...

  • After discussions, sponsors wanted to add their logos and TV channel wanted to display a MASSIVE date of the begining of the championship...
  • Due to image rights issue, the official ball was finaly replaced by a vanilla soccer ball.
  • Because of a lack of time and budget, the transparent background has been abandoned in favor of a grey printed micro perfored film, which killed the relief effect.

So, I'll just show you the initial project as I've thought it.


FIFA 2010 World Cup with TF1 mock up

Print file preview

Try switching between light and dark themes to reveal the glass effect by clicking on this: P

FIFA 2010 World Cup with TF1 print file preview

The original psb file is a huge 1.6 Go psb file.

The Photoshop glass effect took hours to be rendered in this scale.


AntoineJuly 16th 2018 - 10:38#1

Really Beautiful

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