Botender logo

Botender is a machine, not the kind to come from the future to kill John Connor, but rather the kind to liven up your parties by preparing dozens of on-demand cocktails for your guests. I was asked to create its logo: cool deal!

I explored many variations of the symbolism of the cocktail glass and the concept of the "cocktail-alcoholjet-printer" in my draft sheet.

logo lettering and early concepts
Lettering tests and early vectorial concepts

We chose the free Kiona font, for its elegant squared letters, its native beautiful character spacing, and its futuristic je ne sais quoi:

logo pictogram

I finally decided on a minimalist concept of the cocktail glass, adding a splash to break an overly perfect geometric shape:

botender icon beta
That early version definitely reminds us of those Super Mario Bros. turnip.

Then I worked on the splash shape and a sort of degauss effect:

botender final icon
botender logo variations

Logo is terminated, machine is ready to kill... boring parties, hasta la vista baby.


Some funny degauss/drunk title effects experiments, which have been abandoned in order not to harm the image of the machine (which also serves non-alcoholic cocktails, it should be noted):

See the Pen Botender title degauss effect by Alexis Riche (@alexisr) on CodePen.

For more information, see https://botender.fr/


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