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GTA VI cover fan art

Tribute to the king.


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GTA VI cover fan art

Tribute to the king.

The Cyberpunk 2077 scandal has finally confirmed the tremendous technical advance of Rockstar Games studios in open world games with, lately, the extraordinary GTA V and the divine Red Dead Redemption 2.

Enjoying this extended New Year's weekend, I composed this cover of the future Grand Theft Auto VI which, according to the rumor, could bring us back to Vice City.

I used images retrieved from Google Image, to create GTA looking visuals, and some Photoshop filters to obtain a drawing effect close to the original covers.

The wait will be long, very long, but there is no doubt that the game will be worth it.

Thank you Rockstar Games for offering us these fantastic stories.

First, a preview of the covers from the main last 3 episode of the GTA franchise:

GTA 3  GTA 4 GTA V covers
GTA III (2001) – GTA IV (2008) – GTA V (2013)

And here's my work:

GTA VI will be amazing
I'm quite satisfied with the result, close to the original compositions and just innovative enough to announce a new episode.

A little bonus, with this New Retro Wave framed variation:

GTA VI could take place in the 80's

You can find the filter I used and more details in the description of this Spoon Graphics Youtube video.


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