The Witness

About this mind blowing experience...



The Witness

About this mind blowing experience...

Jonathan Blow is an indie (video) game creator.

In 2008, his first game, Braid, a platformer puzzle-game based on time travel and alternative reality, got very positive reviews.

To paraphrase a quote about this master piece:

I feel like I'm using parts of my brain that have never been used before, like parts that haven't evolved yet.


In 2016, his second shot : A first person adventure / puzzle-game, The Witness is widely acclaimed, while some critics wonder about the pretensions of its author, sometimes called genius, sometimes a pretentious kid.

I finished The Witness last night, after 80 hours spent in the past 15 months (including a long break of 6 months, due to a big ingame frustration).

I've succeeded to avoid all spoilers from start to finish, and all I can say is that this is by far the best thing I've ever played.

If you're looking for a meditative, epiphanic and cerebral journey, a very unique initiatory quest on a mysterious island full of secrets, a battle against your restlessness, your despair, you should give it a try, and maybe enjoy the smartest playful experience ever created.

Thank you very much, Jonathan Blow.

Spoiler alert

For more information, see http://the-witness.net/


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